Litecoin Cash rises 650% after Yobit debut – Problems with LCC wallets

The Litecoin digital currency saw a split-off on Sunday – a so-called fork – when Litecoin created another cryptocurrency, Litecoin Cash. Usually, both digital currencies appreciate after a fork. The reason for this is that all owners of classic Litecoins benefit from it. Because you receive Litecoin Cashs in the same amount as you hold Litecoins.

The birth of Litecoin Cash – Block 1371111

The hard-fork happened on Sunday at the block 1371111 – the birth of Litecoin Cash. There were enough disputes within the community before the split-off. That’s what LTC founder Charlie Lee Litecoin Cash called a fraud. His own digital currency, Litecoin, has escaped downward pressure in recent weeks due to the new digital currency, Litecoin Cash, and has risen by nearly 58 percent to $ 245 over the last few days. There is also interest in buying because many LTC investors are waiting for Litepay, which will allow traders and retailers to accept payments in litecoins, which is much faster and cheaper than sending bitcoins.

Litecoin Cash immediately enters the top 50 key cryptocurrencies

Litecoin Cash was first listed on the Russian crypto exchange Yobit. Initially, the value of the newly created cryptocurrency was $ 1.20. Shortly thereafter, the price of the digital currency peaked at $ 9.30 – a rise of 670% over the first 24 trading hours. Over the past 12 hours, Litecoin Cash has corrected some of its hefty gains and recently quoted $ 7.50 in the price region.

According to the Russian crypto exchange Yobit, the trading volume in the last 24 hours was over $ 4.2 million. Litecoin Cash outperforms established crypto currencies such as Electroneum, Bytecoin and Decred, all of which are listed in the Top 50 of the most important cryptocurrencies.

However, many crypto exchanges are not yet offering LCC a bargain. And so it is unlikely that many LTC holders have already used their free tokens.