Trump is open to stricter gun laws

Washington – US President Donald Trump has called for a ban on rapid-fire pistons for semi-automatic weapons. Trump said on Tuesday that he had instructed the Justice Department to draw up an appropriate regulation. This should prohibit additional weapons devices.

“We need to do more to protect our children,” the president said. He also stressed that the review of arms buyers must be better. “Whether Republican or Democrat, we need to focus on strengthening the background checks now,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The Ministry of Justice stated that the order would be implemented as swiftly as possible. The ministry understands that the concern has a priority for the president, it said in a statement. The process for new specifications for the devices should now be run quickly.

President wants to meet with students and teachers
Quick-firing pistons, also known as “bump sticks” in English, enable rapid firing sequences even with semi-automatic weapons, as is the case with machine guns. One such device was used by the assassin who killed 58 people in a hotel room last October in Las Vegas. Efforts to ban the rapid-fire devices by law failed after that.

Trump commented during a ceremony honoring security forces for their bravery. It’s time to focus on security measures that have been proven to work, he said.

A 19-year-old killed 17 people in Florida last week. The White House has announced that the president will meet with students, teachers and officials to discuss ways to increase safety in schools. White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders praised the courage of the survivors who saved other people. She said that Trump’s view was that “It is the right of every American child to grow up in a safe environment.” The meeting will also see survivors of the school massacres at Columbine High School and the rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School.